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Imagine feeling the exhilaration of 5,000 vertical feet, fresh powder spraying from your newly sharpened edges, as you sail down the mountain on a picture-perfect winter day - all while giving to a child in need.

Welcome to Agent Outerwear.

For every coat purchased, we donate a brand new coat to a child in need. We like to call it, "Get Warm. Give Warm.®" and we want to give away as many coats as possible.

We are excited about the outdoors, especially snowsports. We love great design. But most importantly, whether it's work or play, we want it to mean something. That is why we've dedicated our business to serving others the best way we know how. 


For many children whose families don't have the means to supply them with a quality winter coat, being in school is the warmest part of their day. In many areas of the country, the winters are severe enough to make a walk to school painful, if not impossible without proper winter attire.

While coat donation drives help with the issue, the total donations received annually only scratch the surface for helping the amount of children in need.

Here at Agent Outerwear, it is our goal to create a sustainable solution to this problem.



When someone buys one of our functional, technologically advanced coats, we donate a brand new coat to a child in need. Every time. 

This simple model provides the latest in totally awesome gear for our customers, and an ongoing supply of quality warm coats for the kids that really need them. 

We like to call it "Get Warm. Give Warm.®" 


When you purchase a coat from Agent Outerwear, you become a totally rad Agent of Giving.® Not only can you rock the slopes with your technologically advanced gear, but  wearing the Agent brand tells the world that you are a socially conscious consumer, and you demand genuine integrity in the brands you choose to support. 

We hope to inspire and change the way the world does business. Not only do we want to provide our customers with an amazing and functional product, but we want our success to be measured in how many children we can help with our mission.

 Look for the Agent Outerwear Promise® on our product pages, and let us do the rest.

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